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Hi, I'm Jonah! 👨‍🍳
Welcome to my e-bakery. 

I'm a 6 y/o baker with a rare form of skeletal dysplasia and that doesn't stop me from achieving my dreams. Please try my cookies!

Happy cookies make the world a better place. 

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The Star - Six Year Old Baking Prodigy Seeks Help For Studies

"Even with all the hospital visits and blood tests that he has had to go through, and still not being able to have a full diagnosis of his condition to date, Jonah is a happy child.“He always looks on the bright side. He loves to sing and dance, and has a good sense of rhythm, ” says Yanagi. “Jonah also helps around the house, and takes care of his younger brother, Jamian, ” she adds."...Read More

Free Malaysia Today - Tiny Baker Melts Hearts With His Handmade Cookies

"Jonah suffers from skeletal dysplasia, a rare genetic disorder that affects his bones and joints and hinders his growth and development. This disorder causes abnormally-shaped bones, especially in the head, spine and the long bones of the arms and legs." ...Read More

Cheddar Cheese Bon

Soft & fluffy buns rolled with cheddar filling, topped with melt-in-the-mouth butter sugar glueing together loads of finely shredded cheddar cheese. A mouthful would certainly bring you back to those sweet childhood memory of breakfast with toast, butter and sugar.
Sugar, Butter & Cheddar Cheese
Fresh Bread Dough
Baked with love by Jonah

Cocktail Bon

This famous Hong Kong style bun will leave your mouth watering for more as the inner filling is made of sugar, butter and desiccated coconut. The butter and sugar will melt in the mouth, thus unveiling the rich, buttery and sweet flavourful finely shredded coconut. 
Sugar, Butter & Dessicated Coconut
Fresh Bread Dough
Baked with love by Jonah

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Order Jonah's cookies online and pay via credit card/debit card via Stripe (VISA/Mastercard), and Apple Pay, as well as through bank deposit. Or send your order for Jonah's cookies to us via Whatsapp (016-2383423), and make payment via online banking.

Please click below to order online:

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver nationwide - yes that's right, you can enjoy treats baked by Little Jonah from anywhere in Malaysia! For delivery within Klang Valley there's a flat fee of RM15. As for the other parts of Malaysia, shipping costs will be calculated upon check out.

What other baked goods will you be making?

We're starting with chocolate chips & gingerbread for now, but let us know your suggestions!

Follow us on Instagram and find out more about our upcoming treats, and feel free to suggest in the comments.

When will my cookies arrive?

Unfortunately as we are not a large commercial operation, please allow 3-4 days for your homebaked cookie orders to be delivered. We aim to make this faster in future, with your support!

What ingredients are the cookies made from?
  • 100% butter made from fresh Danish milk
  • London chocolate, dark chocolate chips / buttons
  • Local all purpose flour
  • Italian coarse sea salt
  • Gula melaka/brown sugar/castor sugar
  • Eggs
Tell me more about Jonah?

Jonah was born on 23 December 2014, and  is 6 years-old, of Chinese-Japanese heritage. He is cared for by his mother Yumi (a single parent) and joined by his 5 year-old younger brother Jamian.

Jonah suffers from skeletal dysplasia, a category of rare genetic disorders that affect bones and joints, and hinders growth and development. You can read about his story here and here.

What is skeletal dyplasia?

Skeletal dysplasia, the disorder which Jonah has, causes abnormally shaped bones, especially in the head, spine and long bones of the arms and legs. Left untreated, it can result in difficulties in  breathing, spinal problems as well as fluid buildup around the brain. Jonah loves to play with kids but due to his physical condition, he has to be extra careful because a simple fall may cause problems to his bones.

Why isn't Jonah in school? Why is he doing this?

Jonah is looking for a school in 2021 but has challenges. He loves baking, and in future this will give him an advantage as there are limited jobs available for someone like him. It also teaches him not to give up and accomplish his dreams.

What fundraising goals are there?

Jonah and family would love to be able to bake fulltime and serve you yummy cookies. Meantime, there are living expenses, education and legal bills to cover (Yumi currently in the process of separation), so we appreciate your support tremendously.

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